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    Nutrient-Dense Cold Pressed Juices Delivered

    Certified Organic & Keto-Friendly

    1.5 LBS of Plants in a Juice

    • keto friendly

    Focus Greens

    +10 more cold-pressed juices

    Wellness Shots You Will Love

    Ginger Immunity

    +4 more wellness shots

    Honest Reviews By Trailblazers

    • Dr. Mark Hyman

      Functional Medicine Leader

      “I love Farmers Juice because they’ve crafted organic, keto-friendly juices, with roughly 1.5 pounds of produce per bottle!”

    • Dave Asprey

      Founder, Bulletproof

      “This is the first green juice that meets my standards. If you’re looking for a simple way to get more vegetables without leaving your house, Farmers Juice is a strong option.”

    • Casey Means, MD

      Co-founder of Levels Health

      “Completely delicious, no heat pasteurization and causes almost ZERO glucose elevation on my CGM!”

    • Ben Greenfield

      Author, Podcaster, Fitness Leader

      “My family and I began drinking Farmers Juice daily, I quickly turned from skeptic to believer.”


    • Certified Organic

    • 1.5lbs of Produce in Juice

    • Maximize Plant Diversity

    • Stay hydrated With Plants

    • Mouthwateringly Delicious

    • Over 33+ veggies, herbs, spices in our menu

    • Made with Nutrient-Rich Ugly Produce

    • Eco-Friendly Packaging (100% Recyclable)

    Meet the healthiest green juices

    that are mouthwateringly delicious

    • 1.5 pounds of veggies in a bottle

    • Organic, made in California

    • Keto-friendly: Made with low glycemic veggies.

    • Juice's Pulp Eaten By Dairy Cows

    • Fresh for up to 6 weeks

    • Mouthwateringly delicious

    • Focus Greens

    • Peaceful Greens

    • Green Athlete

    • Performance Greens

    • Digestive Greens

    No weird stuff addedOrganic is better

    Made with Nourishing Imperfect Produce

    Why use imperfect veggies:

    • Fights food waste on farms
    • More income for farmers
    • Nutrient dense

    Juice Pulp Eaten by Cows

    Why feed the cows:

    • Fights Food Waste
    • Happier Farmers
    • Happier Cows

    Stop paying
    for expensive juice

    • Cheaper than a juice shop

      Cheaper than a juice shop

    • Cheaper than juicing at home

      Cheaper than juicing at home

    Usually $9-12 per juice

    Nourishing fruit & root juices

    • No added sugar

    • Only plants (Vegetables, fruits, roots)

    • No preservatives

    • Mouthwateringly delicious

    • No GMOs

    • Dairy free

    • Carrot Digest

    • Earthy Nutrition

    • Golden Beet Fuel

    • Watermelon Hydration

    • Orange Immunity

    dr. mark hyman

    NY Times Best Selling Author

    My All-time Favorite Green Juice

    “Cold Pressed Juices are an amazing source of phytochemicals, but most of them have super high amounts of sugar.

    I love Farmers Juice because they’ve crafted keto-friendly juices, with roughly 1.5 pounds a produce per bottle!”

    Dr. Mark Hyman

    Farmers juice

    Other juices

    • Certified Organic
    • Keto-friendly
    • Fresh for Up to 6 weeks
    • Great price: $6.50 / juice
    • Pulp Eaten By Cows
    • Made with Ugly Produce
    • No Heat Pasteurization
    • Tested on Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
    • Nothing Weird Added
    • Freaking Delicious

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