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    Wellness Shots Box

    • immunity support

    • organic

    Wellness Shots Box

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    for trial box

    2 weeks after, monthly box for

    Strong immunity support



    Digestive health

    Digestive health

    Ginger Immunity

    +4 more wellness shots

    Key Benefits

    • Healthier body

      Healthier body

    • Sharper mind

      Sharper mind

    • Glowing skin

      Glowing skin

    • Stronger immunity

      Stronger immunity

    • Feel happier

      Feel happier

    • Healthier gut

      Healthier gut

    Immunity shots in this box

    • Ginger Immunity

      Ginger Immunity

      Ginger, Lemon, Turmeric, Black Peppercorn, Cayenne Pepper, Apple


      • Turmeric

        Helps fight inflammation

      • Lemon

        Rich in heart-healthy Vitamin C

    • Gut Feeling Good

      Gut Feeling Good

      Coconut Water, Apple, Jicama, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Lemon


      • Ginger

        Supports immunity

      • Cayenne

        Provides detox support

      • Coconut Water

        Hydrates and replenishes electrolytes

    • Up-Beet Immunity

      Up-Beet Immunity

      Lemon, Apple, Pineapple, Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Black Peppercorn, Beet


      • Beet

        Supports healthy blood pressure

      • Black Peppercorn

        Stabilizes blood sugar

    • Focus Fuel

      Focus Fuel

      Fennel, Lemon, lemongrass, Jalapeno, Matcha, Apple


      • Matcha

        Promotes focus

      • Lemon

        Promotes heart health

    How to drink the shots...

    • Drink as a shot

      Drink as a shot

      aka “the classic”

    • Upgrade your water

      Upgrade your water

      aka “Turmeric Ginger Lemonade”

    • Upgrade your sparkling water

      Upgrade your sparkling water

      aka “immunity wellness beer”

    • Conveniently home delivered

      Conveniently home delivered

    • Lower prices than a juice shop

      Lower prices than a juice shop



    • Fresh for 30 days

      Fresh for 30 days

    Stop paying
    for expensive shots

    • Cheaper than a juice shop

      Cheaper than a juice shop

    • Cheaper than juicing at home

      Cheaper than juicing at home

    Usually $4-6 per shot

    When to drink Juice? Good question!

    • During work

      During work

    • Breakfast


    • Mid-day recharge

      Mid-day recharge

    • Before/after exercise

      Before/after exercise

    • Commuting


    • Outdoor Adventures

      Outdoor Adventures

    Honest Reviews By Trailblazers

    • Dr. Mark Hyman

      Functional Medicine Leader

      “Most sugar-rich juices spike your insulin and can leave you feeling like crap. These green juices are the opposite: lots of nutrient-dense veggies that support metabolic health.”

    • Dave Asprey

      Founder, Bulletproof

      “The world’s first keto-friendly green juices. The functional blends are a great way to boost focus, endurance, calm, and more.”

    • Casey Means, MD

      Co-founder of Levels Health

      “Completely delicious, organic, no heat pasteurization and causes almost ZERO glucose elevation!”

    • Ben Greenfield

      Author, Podcaster, Fitness Leader

      “My family and I began drinking Farmers Juice daily, I quickly turned from skeptic to believer.”

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