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    About us

    Our motto:

    Live your inspired life

    How it works

    Our Principles

    • Serve the customer's health and wallet.

      Serve the customer's health and wallet.

    • Honor the farmer's economic interest.

      Honor the farmer's economic interest.

    • Respect the planet’s well-being.

      Respect the planet’s well-being.

    In plants we trust

    • Plants are essential nourishment

    • Plants improve vibrant health

    • Plants support peak performance


    Farms are the lifeblood of a healthy food ecosystem.

    We partner with a network of trusted farmers to source only the highest quality ingredients. We juice the produce at peak nutrient availability.

    Our sourcing is organic. We use cosmetically challenged yet equally nutritious produce that grocers don’t buy - this reduces food waste.

    Our values

    • Honesty


      Openness and truthfulness in all we do

    • Compassion


      Serve the highest good of all stakeholders

    • Health


      Grounded in daily health habits

    • Joy


      Smile big, smile often

    • Integrity


      Transparency, quality & attention to detail

    • Optimism


      Positivity with practicality

    Founded with purpose

    Farmer’s Juice is a labor of love and service. 

    Our joy is your good health and well-being.

    Cheers to you.

    Founder & Chief Juicer

    Giving back matters 💛

    We donate to these non-profits from each sale

    • Purpose: Farmworker Justice

      Positive impact:

      Empowering migrant farmworkers to improve their:

      • Health, occupational safety, & access to justice.

      • Living and working conditions.

      • Immigration status.

    • Purpose: Regenerative Agriculture

      Positive impact:

      • Championing healthier soil and a food ecosystem.

      • Promoting adoption of regenerative farming.

      • Fighting climate change.

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