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    About us

    Our motto:

    Live your inspired life

    Our Advisory Board

    • Dr. Casey Means Co-founder, Levels Health

      “Farmers Green Juices are completely delicious, uses no heat pasteurization, and causes almost ZERO glucose elevation!!! Love this juice.”

    • Dave Asprey Founder, Bulletproof

      "This is the first green juice that meets my standards. If you’re looking for a simple way to get more vegetables without leaving your house, Farmers Juice is a strong option.”

    • Chris Kresser Leading Clinician in Functional Medicine

      "Farmer’s Juice delivers keto-friendly green juices that are delicious, and full of functional ingredients. I admit that I was initially skeptical. But then I tried their juices—and I was immediately hooked."

    Our values

    • Honesty


      Openness and truthfulness in all we do

    • Compassion


      Serve the highest good of all stakeholders

    • Health


      Grounded in daily health habits

    • Joy


      Smile big, smile often

    • Integrity


      Transparency, quality & attention to detail

    • Optimism


      Positivity with practicality

    Our Principles

    • Serve the customer's health and wallet.

      Serve the customer's health and wallet.

    • Honor the farmer's economic interest.

      Honor the farmer's economic interest.

    • Respect the planet’s well-being.

      Respect the planet’s well-being.

    In plants we trust

    • Plants are delicious nourishment

    • Plants support vibrant health

    • Plants support peak performance


    Farms are the lifeblood of a healthy food ecosystem.

    Made in California, we use consciously sourced ingredients and source from trusted farmers.

    We use cosmetically challenged yet nutritious produce that grocers don’t buy - this reduces food waste.

    Founded with purpose

    Farmer’s Juice is a labor of love and service. 

    Our joy is your good health and well-being.

    Cheers to you.

    Founder & Chief Juicer

    Giving back matters 💛

    We donate to these non-profits below

    • Purpose: Farmworker Justice

      Positive impact:

      Empowering migrant farmworkers to improve their:

      • Health, occupational safety, & access to justice.

      • Living and working conditions.

      • Immigration status.

    • Purpose: Regenerative Agriculture

      Positive impact:

      • Championing healthier soil and a food ecosystem.

      • Promoting adoption of regenerative farming.

      • Fighting climate change.

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