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    Dhru Purohit

    Wellness entrepreneur & podcast host

    The Only Green Juice I Recommend

    “A few months ago I was introduced to Farmer’s Juice by a friend with the pitch that their green juices not only tasted great but wouldn’t spike my blood sugar. I tried the juices using my continuous glucose monitor and my friend was right, no spike.”

    -Dhru Purohit

    The Reviews Are In

    • Dr. Mark Hyman

      Functional Medicine Leader

      “Most sugar-rich juices spike your insulin and can leave you feeling like crap. These green juices are the opposite: lots of nutrient-dense veggies that support metabolic health.”

    • Casey Means, MD

      Co-founder, Levels Health

      “Completely delicious, organic, no heat pasteurization and causes almost ZERO glucose elevation!”

    • Chris Kresser

      Functional Medicine Leader

      “If you’re looking for a simple way to get more vegetables without leaving your house, Farmers Juice is a strong option.”

    • Ben Greenfield

      Author, Podcaster, Fitness Leader

      “My family and I began drinking Farmers Juice daily, I quickly turned from skeptic to believer.”

    Meet the healthiest green juices

    that are mouthwateringly delicious

    • 1.5 pounds of veggies in a bottle

    • Keto-friendly green juices & shots!

    • Fresh for 30 days in your fridge

    • Organic, made in California

    • Pulp Eaten By Dairy Cows

    • Mouthwateringly delicious

    Key benefits

    • Plant Energy

      Plant Energy

    • Sharper Mind

      Sharper Mind

    • Glowing Skin

      Glowing Skin

    • Stronger Immunity

      Stronger Immunity

    • Feel Happier

      Feel Happier

    • Healthier Gut

      Healthier Gut

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